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Product Code: ZDIGSTLTE
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Price: $50.00

“Supplied free with our AIS systems, this is a great PC viewer for AIS systems”

SmarterTrack LITE is a simple, but effective graphical AIS display program for PCs. The data collected by AIS units is meaningless without some sort of graphical display that shows where the AIS targets are in the real world, relative to your vessel.

SmarterTrack LITE does just this by plotting all surrounding AIS targets on a world map or, as you zoom in, on a blank radar type screen with variable range rings. Designed to give customers an immediate taste of what AIS is all about, SmarterTrack LITE can then be upgraded to the full version as and when required.

AIS support includes; colour coded targets, user selectable labelling of targets, target course lines and fast AIS Information recovery, making it the ideal introduction to AIS software on the market. SmarterTrack LITE can be used on any PC running a Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating system.


  • Simple graphical AIS display software for PCs
  • Plots all detected AIS targets on world map
  • Automatically switches to AIS “Radar” type display as you zoom in
  • Colour coded AIS Targets with course lines
  • Each AIS target shown with user selectable label
  • Allows easy programming of Class A Transponder voyage data
  • Will display wireless NMEA 0183 data from Digital Yacht’s iAIS, WLN10 and Boatranet products
  • Can be upgraded to full SmarterTrack package

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