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iKommunicate + iKConnect

iKommunicate + iKConnect
iKommunicate + iKConnect iKommunicate + iKConnect iKommunicate + iKConnect iKommunicate + iKConnect
Product Code: ZDIGIKBUN
Availability: In Stock
Price: $549.95

Our NavLink NMEA 2000 to wifi server is now end of line and replaced with a new solution comprising iKommunicate plus iKConnect wifi router. This has the advantage that both NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 interfaces are available as well as support for password protected wifi and a wired ethernet output. Plus the bundle option is priced at the same as the original NavLink product despite the extra features.

In addition to NMEA over wifi interfacing, iKommunicate supports the new and rapidly emerging Signal K protocol to future proof your electronic systems. iKommunicate is an intelligent gateway device that allows traditional boat navigation systems to be part of the “Internet of Things”. By converting data from the “closed” industry standard NMEA networks found on most boats to Signal K the new “open” HTML5 based internet ready data format, a whole new world of social and connected boating will now be possible.

Pre-installed in iKommunicate are a couple of web apps (including the popular Instrument Panel) so that you can immediately start displaying NMEA data from your network and it features an 8GB micro SD card that can host any new Signal K web apps as they become available.


  • NMEA 2000 AND NMEA 0183 inputs (x 3)
  • Password protected
  • Wifi and LAN connections
  • WAN interface for internet connectivity
  • Supports 200 active connections
  • SD card for data logging and webserver applications
  • Built in interfaces for web instrument displays without any dedicated app requirement
  • Signal K support


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